p.s. it’s “jay-dee”


Jayde Xu | Illustrator & Drawer

jayde xu is a new york-born, baltimore-based illustrator & drawer.

she loves buying silly kitsch on ebay, and collecting museum visits. she has a couple of flavors of style so she’s got a bit of a neapolitan, d) all of the above thing going. there are two things in this world she would very much like to see–first, artemisia gentileschi’s painting Judith Slaying Holofernes in person, and second, to watch bts perform Silver Spoon live (which as of october 6th, 2018, she has gladly succeeded in). also, she feels awkward with writing a third-person, dating profile-esque bio.

most importantly, she would love to make work with you, inquire with any questions: let’s make something wonderful!

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