Born Under an O.k. Star (2018–2019).

Someday, I’m going to be really nostalgic for this moment right now. This work is a response to how memory is the sum of small parts, not just one “big” moment. I am trying to catch my mundane, because someday it’ll be the thing I’ll forget first, and miss the most. And the longer I really, really look at everyday moments and items, the more beautiful they become. This work is like my diary: my way of trying to pause, for one minute, and remind myself: remember.

This work is a mix of traditional and digital media. It has both real-media, acrylic paintings with digital motion animation, and purely digital painted animations as well.

GIFS! Whether you say “j-if” or “gih-f” they’re fun, they loop forever and their possibilities are endless: here’s a whole bouquet of gifs I’ve made. Enjoy!